The Perfect New Home Gift

Naming your home is a fun and creative way to give your house a unique identity that reflects your personal style and values. Many years ago this was a more common practice, especially amongst more affluent families.

Today, with the help of National Home Registry, you can name your own home easily, or gift it to someone else.

Giving a gift that is unique and personal is the most thoughtful and welcome gift one can receive. This is especially true when it comes to celebrating a new home.

Your gift will allow the new homeowners to take a break from the mundane chores of moving and focus on something meaningful and fun. The best part is your gift stays with the them as long as they are in their home.

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A Family Legacy

The practice of naming a home goes back centuries.

Happiness, love, and security often fill our minds when we think about our homes. It embraces everything we hold dear – family, loved ones, close friends, special times.

Naming something is one way we show affection. We name our children, our pets and even our vehicles. Naming your home, the place that holds everything you hold dear, makes perfect sense.

Your home deserves a name.

Name Your Home
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Our Lifetime Name Registration includes exclusive rights to your home name but also the assurance that it won’t be duplicated or used by anyone else within the same state.

We offer 3 Home Name Registration options:

STANDARD – includes your National Home Registry welcome packet with your Certificate of Authenticity

PREMIUM –  includes STANDARD items plus a personalized digital drawing of your home that will also display your home name and state.

DELUXE –  includes STANDARD items plus a personalized AND framed digital drawing of your home that will also display your home name and state.

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Famous Named Homes

There are thousands of named homes in the public eye.

The world’s best-known architects are often associated with large projects like Olympic stadiums or Manhattan skyscrapers.

However, some tried out their ideas on residential projects, whether it was early in their careers or as an ongoing part of them.

Take a look at some of the more famous and interesting named homes from Architects around the world.

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