Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Naming your home is a fun and creative way to give your house a unique identity that reflects your personal style and values.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or looking to rename your existing residence, our five-step process will guide you through the exciting journey of finding the perfect name for your home.

Follow our step-by-step guide to making the process easy, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Let’s get started!

After registering your name with National Home Registry, we will mail you a Welcome Packet with your Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate indicates that no other home in your state is registered with National Home Registry bearing your home’s name.

You can transfer your chosen name to a home in a different state unless that name is already registered with National Home Registry within that state.

Please submit a change request via email to

Now that I have a home name, can I stop using my street address?”
As the property name is not officially part of the address, you must still display and use the house number and street address in any correspondence.

Is it possible to register multiple names?
Yes, if you wish to register more than one name, please complete one full registration at a time. The registry must not contain the same name more than once in any one state in order to maintain its integrity.

What payment methods does NHR accept? 

We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks and paypal.

What do I do if I do not receive my order? 

Please email us at or call us at 833.855.1122.

Does my gift certificate expire?

No, each gift certificate has a unique code. The gift certificate loses its validity once it is used to register a name.

Do you have a refund, cancellation, or return policy? 

Please refer to our Terms of Service.

How much does it cost to register my home name? 

Currently we offer 3 packages for home registration. They can be viewed here.

What happens to my name if I move? 

The special name you picked for your home is not associated with your street address, therefore you can transfer the name to your new home if you do not move to a different state where that name is already registered.

Can I change the name after registration?

Please submit a change request via email to

Can I register a name in a different state than I live in? 

Yes, if that name is not taken in that state.

Can I register the same name across several states?

Yes! Please add each state with your selected name into your cart separately in order to register multiple states with a single name. For each state you register in, a Certificate of Authenticity will be issued to you.

I changed my address. How can I update my records? 

  1. Go to ‘my account’
  2. Log in
  3. Go to addresses
  4. Update your billing or shipping address.

I do not remember my website password. How can I generate a new one? 

  1. Click the ‘my account’ link on the top right of the website
  2. Under my account, go to account details
  3. On the pop-up screen click ‘lost my password’ fill in your email address and click submit
  4. You will receive an email with instructions

Do I have to own a home to register a name? 

You do not need to be a property owner because the home name is not a required component of the address.  You can register a name at any time to ensure exclusivity in that state if you have future plans to purchase a home and already have the ideal name chosen.

Does National Home Registry have any naming parameters? 

We provide registration of the name of your choice in a particular state with our private home naming registry during the term of the registration. We undertake that no other home in your state is registered with the National Home Registry bearing the same name as your home.  The home name cannot be identical in words and order with any other actively registered home within the same state.  Please refer to our terms of service.