How to choose a name for your house?

How to choose a name for your house?

Your house is more than just a structure. It’s a canvas waiting to be personalized, a space brimming with stories waiting to be told. Have you ever considered giving your home a name? From adding character to potentially increasing its market appeal, naming your house can be a transformative journey. 

How to choose a name for your house?

Here’s comprehensive guide on how to choose the ideal house name that resonates with your property’s essence.

Why Name Your House?

naming your house adds depth and individuality. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to showcase your home’s uniqueness.

Did you know that giving your house a name related to its former usage, like ‘The Old Barn‘ or ‘The Coach House,’ not only imbues it with a charming backstory but could also captivate potential buyers in the real estate market?

Statistics reveal that a named property can boost its value by as much as 5%. This small yet significant detail can set your home apart, making it more memorable and appealing in a crowded marketplace.

Guidelines for Choosing a House Name

But how do you choose the perfect name? Consider the nature of your property and its history. Embrace its past life; a former barn could become ‘The Hayloft Haven’ or a prior vicarage might be known as ‘Sanctuary House.

Geographical features can also inspire: ‘Hilltop Retreat,’ ‘Lakeside Cottage,’ or ‘Woodland Haven‘ evoke the scenic beauty surrounding your abode. Delve into the flora and fauna around you—’ Maple Grove Manor,’ ‘The Rosewood Residence,’ or ‘The Oakwood Retreat‘ lend a natural charm.

While personal touches are encouraged, be mindful that an overly unique name might only resonate sometimes. Striking a balance between individuality and broad appeal is key, especially if you plan to sell your property in the future.

How to choose a name for your house?
How to choose a name for your house?

The Renaming Process

Once you’ve found the perfect name, it’s time to make it official.

Here’s a simple process to follow:

  • Contact the Local Council: Initiate the renaming process by reaching out to your local council. They’ll guide you through the necessary steps.
  • Coordinate with Royal Mail: The council will coordinate with the Royal Mail to ensure a smooth transition of your address.
  • Obtain a Certificate: After approval, you’ll receive a certificate of renaming.
  • Inform Relevant Parties: Notify all relevant parties and organizations about the change in your address.


Your home is a haven, a place where memories are crafted and stories unfold. By giving it a name that encapsulates its essence, you not only add character but potentially increase its allure in the real estate sphere. So, embark on this journey, breathe life into your home, and let its name tell a story worth remembering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I name my house?

Naming your house adds a unique identity, character, and charm to your property. It helps in creating a distinctive appeal and potentially increases its value in the real estate market.

Does the name of my house affect its market value?

Yes, studies suggest that a named property can increase its value by up to 5%. A well-chosen and relevant name could make your property more memorable and appealing to potential buyers.

What are some common themes for naming a house?

Common themes include naming based on the property’s former usage (e.g., barn, vicarage), geographical features (e.g., riverside, hilltop), surrounding nature (e.g., tree names, flower names), or personal preferences.

How do I choose the right name for my property?

Consider the history and nature of your property, and reflect on its unique features, surroundings, or personal connections. Aim for a name that reflects the essence of your home while having broad appeal.

Can I officially change the name of my house?

Yes, you can change the name of your house officially by contacting your local council. They’ll guide you through the necessary steps and coordinate the renaming process with relevant authorities.

Will changing the name affect my address?

Yes, changing the name of your house will affect your address. Once the renaming process is complete and approved, you’ll receive a certificate, and the local council will coordinate with postal services to update your address.

Should I consider the resale value when naming my property?

Yes, it’s advisable to strike a balance between personalization and broad appeal. While expressing your individuality is important, consider a name that could also resonate with potential future buyers.

Can I use any name for my property?

While there’s flexibility in choosing a name, it’s advisable to avoid offensive or controversial words. Select a name that is meaningful, relevant, and reflects positively on your property.